Five Things Friday: Ways to Forgive Yourself

The Five Things Friday posts during February have all been about self care. Sometimes we beat ourselves up over the past so here are five ways to forgive yourself.

1. What you said – sometimes we say things that we regret. They may have caused hurt and pain for the person on the receiving end. You can’t change what came out of your mouth, but you can change your future behaviour towards that person and apologise if necessary.

2. What you didn’t say – sometimes what we say doesn’t reflect the intensity of our hurt or needs. Sometimes we regret not standing up for what we believe. Make a pact with yourself to change in the future.

3. What you did – sometimes our actions don’t reflect what we believe or what we consider to be the ‘right’ thing. Again, reflect upon it, apologise if necessary and change your future behaviour.

4. What you didn’t do – that feeling of ‘what if I…’. Well, if you still can and it would help the situation, do it. If not, move on.

5. For things you had no control over – we often think we can control others, we can’t. Be reflective of your actions but don’t ever think that you can understand or control those of the people around you.

Join me in March for Five Things Friday posts that focus on gratitude.

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