Zentangle Mischief – August 

It’s a couple of months since I hosted a monthly challenge. In fact, it’s a couple of months since I wrote anything on this blog – after being on maternity leave last year, I’d forgotten how insane the summer term is when you work in a school.  My blog had to take a backseat just so that I survived until the end of the term! 

I’m intending to get myself back on track and get some posts written over the summer break so that I can attempt to get back to a regular posting schedule. 

I’m starting here with my Zentangle Mischief challenge. I like to draw out a grid in my bullet journal and complete a box each day. Others who have joined in previous challenges have drawn a little box each day or incorporated it into a daily page full of different challenges.   Do whatever suits you. I’ll be posting to Instagram using the hashtag #zentanglemischief. Share your ideas and gain inspiration from others. 

If you blog about your participation, leave a comment below with a link so that we can have a look.  

Happy ‘tangling! 


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