My Top Five Bullet Journal Hacks

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top 5 bullet journal hacks.jpg

I’ve been using my bullet journal for 10 months now and I’m making regular use of five hacks that save me loads of time and keep me organised and productive.

Top 5 Bujo Hacks Repeating Task Flags

Repeating Task Flags

I use these on a daily basis, they save me so much time in terms of writing out those tasks that I need to do on a fairly regular basis, but also they save so much space in my bullet journal as I don’t have a list as long as my arm each day.  Well I do, but it disappears as I do the tasks! You can read about how I chose what needed to be on the flags here.  I used Post-It flags (US, UK).

Top 5 Bujo Hacks Legend


Having looked at a range of ideas for signifiers in different examples of bullet journals, I created a fairly simple legend that I would use in my journal.  Although this is recorded at the front, as I took the photos for this post was the first time I refered to it since I created it!  I’ve chosen a limited number of symbols which suit me in my roles at home and at work.

Top 5 Bujo Hacks Monthly colour coding

Monthly Colour Code

When I originally set up my current journal I decided to use one colour to create all the headers for monthly/ daily pages within a particular month.  This makes it much easier when planning as I’m only using two pens rather than messing around with a whole pencil case full.  It also means that I can reference previous months more easily.  I use PaperMate InkJoy pens (US, UK) as they’re so smooth to write with.

Top 5 Bujo Hacks Monthly washi tape

Washi Tape Tabs

I’m not a great fan of covering my bullet journal in washi tape, mainly because I can never manage to stick it in a straight line without getting wrinkles.  I decided in this journal to use two strips per month, one along the edge of my forward plan for each month at the start of my journal and one along the edge of the first page of the month within the journal.  It’s not too intrusive and it helps me to navigate quickly through the pages.  In my next journal, I’m going to make an effort to match the colour of the washi with the colour of the ink which I use to signify the month.  It’s just a little thing, but it’s annoyed me!

Top 5 Bujo Hacks Measuring Cheat Sheet

Layout Cheat Sheet

This was based on an idea I saw on Instagram (please let me know if it was yours, I’ll happily give you the credit!).  It speeds up creating layouts as you’re not constantly counting squares or working out how many squares it should be to equally split the page.

So there you have it, my top 5 bullet journal hacks.  Do you think any of them would be useful to you?  What’s your favourite hack?


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