Day 85: Deja-vu

Have you ever truly felt déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve  already had the experience you’re currently having?


Well I don’t know what happened there? Well I do, I was working way too late last night and I wrote a post for the wrong prompt! So now we’re young back in time to day 85.

I experience déjà vu quite often in my job; whether it’s telling the children the same thing I’d like to see improve in their behaviour/ social skills/ uniform/work (delete as appropriate depending on the child) or filling in another copy of a form (which is what I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing now I’m a SENCO), my job is sometimes boringly repetitive.    Fortunately children are unpredictable – that’s what keeps it interesting! Today they’ve really surprised me; normally my class are very hard work, today they were lovely and I only had one little issue at the end of the day. Hope they’re just as good tomorrow when I’m out on a course and they don’t take advantage of the supply teacher.


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