Last week I blogged about my participation in the February Be Creative Weekend.  During the course of the weekend I uploaded photos of my pieces onto the Facebook group and enjoyed reading the comments that others made on each one.  Another participant mentioned ‘Zentangles’, a craft that I wasn’t familiar with.  Cue five minutes investigation on Google and I was hooked.  The picture above is the first on I created.  I did it whilst watching the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics/ being clambered on by a small child!  It was incredibly relaxing and I enjoyed the creative process of searching for inspiration for each of the patterns.

Later in the week I had an unexpected 20 minutes to fill with my class at school when another event got cancelled.  This fitted the bill perfectly.  I’ve never seen my class so quietly engaged with anything since the start of the academic year!  They each created a 10cm x 10cm square which we combined together to create a huge design.  I would have loved to have added a photo here of the collaborative effort but it’s seems like so long since I went in my classroom that I’ve actually forgotten what it looks like!  Another time!


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