Day 65: All Grown Up

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

For many years I permanently felt like I was 18; I was young, free, single and never had any money as I was always out socialising! It wasn’t a sudden thing realising that I wasn’t young anymore, more of a realisation that I owned a car, had a proper job with a fair bit of responsibility and I had a mortgage; all the things I associated with being a grown up!

Now I’ve still got the above but they’ve all developed – different car, bigger mortgage and a lot more responsibly – but now also have a husband and a little boy. Does that make me middle aged? I don’t really feel it, but if I think about my parents when they were my current age (when I was 12) I thought they were positively ancient!

I feel my age when I’ve been crawling around on the floor with little B and my poor old knees won’t help me to get up again but other than that, I definitely don’t feel my age. Maybe I’m in denial!


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