Be Creative – February 2014

A couple of weeks ago I took part in the Be Creative Weekend.  This is a genius idea because it gives you a series of prompts, with absolutely no pressure to take part, and gently inspires you to create some crafts.  Various different crafting styles are included over the course of the weekend so there’s something for everyone – you might even discover something new – as I did (I’ll blog about this next week!).  All of the prompts could be developed using bits and bobs I had in my crafting store.

I found that the prompts could be completed in stages and the ones that I chose to do fit around all the things that we fit into a busy weekend as a family.  I also filled lots of pages in my journal that I keep to record inspiration as it hits me to be saved for when I’ve got a bit more time to devote to developing an idea.   There’s a group that you can request to become a member of on Facebook where you can upload the results of a prompt or discuss ideas with others.  Looking at the ideas that others had come up with from the same prompt was inspiring and invigorating in itself!

Here are my results- click on the prompts for details of what was suggested to us:

Prompt 13 – Sudoku

Sudoku part 1

Prompt 17 – Draw a square

Draw a Square

This one kept looking at me until the final prompt was posted.  I really wanted to continue with it and kept picking it up to think about what I could do with the final parts!

Prompt 18 – Sudoku part 2

Sudoku part 2

This inspires me to use the pattern as the centrepiece of a quilt design.

Prompt 21 – Finish the square

Draw a square 2


It’s taken a while to like this piece.  I love all of the sections individually but I’m not loving them when they’re combined.

The dates for the March weekend haven’t been announced yet; but if I’m anywhere near an internet connection, I’ll be joining in!


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