Day 54: B+

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

I’ve slept since then and I’m getting old so I can barely remember last weekend! This weekend will have to do.

Saturday morning

Woken up ridiculously early, for which read ‘before 6am’, the weekend got off to a less than satisfactory start. Not ready to get going, so CBeebies becomes the way to ease us into the day. Snoring in the background as someone is still slumbering in bed after a late night at a Prince gig. We plod along slowly; coffee and bagels for one, cereal, cereal and more cereal for another. Eventually the cartoons fade and the sound of steps venturing upstairs. The sleeping one awakens and the tempo of the day increases for some but slows down for others (one went back to bed but couldn’t sleep, too much caffeine coursing through their veins). We’re thrown myself into the mêlée that is Sainsburys on a Saturday morning – anything but peace and quiet. We return for lunch in a slightly more upbeat mood than we left in. 2/5

Saturday afternoon

A peaceful walk in the countryside, a visit to a favourite quilting fabric shop and afternoon tea in a cafe overlooking the Cromford Canal. Very pleasing. 4/5

Saturday evening

The pace quickens, the small whirlwind is deposited with grandparents and the parents race off to make the most of an evening out. Derby is hosting the National Winter Beer Festival and there are reports that the beer is running out. Once there the pace slows, the rumours are right. There is a groaning sound in the background – the sound of a disgruntled husband with an empty glass. Decamp to a local pub and the mood brightens once more. 4/5

Sunday morning

A slower start to this one, no rude awakening here. A morning of creating and crafting prompted by Creating Something Every Day (see link below). A gentle track, perfect for a Sunday morning. Later on the pace accelerates, the whirlwind is back in the picture and wants to show us all of the toys that have been played with at granny’s. 5/5

Sunday afternoon

More frantic, time to crank it up a notch and buy some new shoes for the sprog. A series of frustrated screams and stamping feet. Then silence. It’s all over. 2/5

All in all a perfectly pleasant way to spend a weekend.


5 thoughts on “Day 54: B+

  1. Thanks for joining in. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Hope you can join us again next month. Dates to be announced when I’ve checked the diary and read the feedback (probably not in that order…)


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