Day 30: Burning Down the House

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

1. The portable hard drive that has all our family photos going back over about 70 years scanned into it. This was a labour of love and I often look at them and remember our family scrapbooks that they were scanned in from.

2. Little B’s first pair of shoes. They have blue flashing lights and are possibly the cutest things you’ve ever seen! He lost one when on the school run with his Auntie and I was ridiculously upset, despite trying to appear like it was all fine so that she didn’t feel so bad about it. I cried when they found it on a wall next day!

3. The rather gorgeous Radley bag that I use to carry my paperwork for school. Not because it carries my schoolwork but because it’s a thing of beauty and it represents pride in my professional and academic achievements. I bought it for myself for Christmas the year I gained my MA in Special Needs and became an Assistant Head before I realised that life would be way too stressful if I stayed in that position with everything that was going on in my life and moved on to another post (which ultimately turned out to be more stressful than the assistant head post).

4. My granny’s book of her family history which I wrote about in my Day 5 post entitled ‘Call Me Ishmael’ (I’d love to work out how I can link to other posts within my blog when blogging in the WordPress app on Android).

5. My notebooks that contain the recipes that my grannies and mum have shared with me – although I could probably cook most of these recipes with my eyes shut I love seeing their handwritten notes and little drawings and remembering sitting in their kitchens with the delicious smells and odd ‘unrepeatable’ disaster!



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