Day 4: Quote Me

‘Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and
again? What is it, and why does it move you?’ says today’s prompt.

I’m a bit of a quote queen; always sharing them. I put one on the board each day to discuss with my class when we get a spare moment and there’s one each week in the diary for the work team that I lead. I like to use quotes to inspire, to teach, to improve and to promote understanding; but I don’t have a particular favourite that I return to again and again.

I do have a ‘phrase to live by’ that has been passed down through my father’s family – ‘never go to bed angry’. I was always taught to sort everything out, either with the person that there had been a problem with or to deal with something on my mind, before going to bed. This has served me well and will definitely be the advice I pass on to my son. There are times when I don’t follow this advice and end up having an awful nights sleep but, on the whole, it’s definitely the best path to follow.


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