Where did the last three months go?

Where did the last three months go?  Full time teaching I fear 😦  With one day left of the school term, I’m definitely ready for my holiday!  It’s going to be a slightly strange holiday as normally I would have a classroom to prepare, planning to do and general getting ready for a new term at school.  I still have that, but on a much lesser scale as I’m changing job.  As I’ll be job sharing a class I won’t have as much preparation to do – I’m also hoping that, come September, I won’t have quite as much to do at home, leaving me more time to be crafty.  I can dream!

I’ve still been keeping myself out of mischief with a bit of cooking and crafting (not enough for my liking though!) and I’ve got plenty to bring you over the next few weeks.  I’ll start with one of my favourite projects – a quilt for my gorgeous little niece.


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