Five Things Friday: Upcycling Denim

When we moved house I was absolutely horrified to find that I owned nine pairs of jeans in three different sizes.  At least I haven’t hit double figures!   About time I did something with the smaller sizes that I haven’t got a chance of ever fitting into again!  Here’s some inspiration:

1. Thimbily Things has these cute denim bibs – I’m finding that you can never have too many!

2. Lil Mop Top has this fantastic idea for denim roads – I’m definitely making these for my nephews!

3. From Our Corner of the Good Life has this skirt made from a pair of jeans, perfect for when the jeans get a little too short in the leg!

Denim Double Zip Wallet

4. t.i.l darling has this cute purse for sale – but it would be so easy to make yourself.

5.  Naptime Crafts has this denim quiet book.


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Upcycling Denim

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  2. Browsing the sewing category, and I came across this. I make a lot of stuff with denim, lately a couple of fun bibs, so the photo of those cute bibs really caught my eye. And now I’m off to check them out! Thanks so much!!


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