Five Things Friday: Paint Chip Crafts

I love the paint chip cards you get in DIY stores, I often pick up a handful because they’re useful for craft projects at school.  I’ve noticed that lots of other people are similarly inspired; here’s my favourite five ideas for future projects.

1.  Heythingschange shares this idea for a paint chip calendar.  A really easy idea for kids to make.

paint chip greeting cards

2. Chica and Jo have this idea for mosaic cards made from paint chips, really easy, but really effective.

3. The teacher in me likes this idea from Pink and Green Mama.  Bit basic for the kids I teach, but I’m going to share it with colleagues who teach the ankle biters!

Like our Alter Egos?

4. Handmakemyday has this cute idea for new address cards.

Heart Punch Paint Chip Bunting - An Easy Peasy Tutorial
(via Tuesday Paper: DIY Paper Heart Garland | Sparkle & Hay Wedding Blog)

5. Tutorializer shares this idea for a punched heart garland.


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