Five Things Friday: Ideas for Organising Ribbons

I’m a naturally messy person.  I like to think I’m organised and tidy but I know I’m not and my craft room is testament to this!  I’ve found some lovely ideas for organising ribbons so that they don’t become a huge tangled mess!

1. Grosgrain shared this idea for using empty CD packs to store the spools of ribbon on.  Great because you can easily see how much is left on each reel.

2. Little Birdie Secrets shares a few ideas but I like this one using trouser hangers.  Each horizontal rotates to fill it up.

3.  Hey Cherry shares this simple idea made from a couple of bits of dowel and a plastic organiser tray.

4. Scrapbook Organization has added a curtain pole to the bottom of her storage unit – I just love the whole thing – wish I was this organised!

5. Living in the Moontime has this idea for using an old cassette tape rack for storing her ribbon – knew there had to be a reason I’d kept my old tape rack despite having thrown out all my tapes years ago!


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