Sunday Scribbling: You Are Here

You are here says the prompt at Sunday Scribblings.

As I write this I am sat on my sofa with the TV on in the background as my husband is watching a film.  I tend to write my blog posts and organise my posts for the week all at once on a Sunday evening.  When I started this blog I used to write each post just before I published it which meant that on a busy work week everything went to pot and I didn’t post anything. Towards the end of the summer term, when I was getting ridiculously overworked, I didn’t post for about three weeks!    I’m far more organised now and have a bank of craft and cooking posts ready to publish each week.

This has meant that I am able to post regularly which means that all my lovely subscribers get regular does on inspiration during them week.  All I then have to do is keep up with the comments and I can do that really easily on my phone, so even if I don’t get to be ‘here’ I can still read and respond to my lovely readers.


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11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribbling: You Are Here

    • It’s certainly made a difference; it’s never felt like a chore that I had to do, but some evenings after work I was worried that it would start to feel like that. The other problem is that if I put my laptop on I start doing work and I really need to stop doing so much at home in the evenings.


  1. Congratulations on getting organised. I used to be so with things that interested me – now I have to be organised around my ailing wife, and rightly so, but my blogging’s gone to pot! P.S. I phrased that very badly – OF COURSE I’m interested in my wife!!!


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