Sunday Scribblings: Easy

Easy says the prompt at Sunday Scribblings. Despite the word it’s not such an easy post to write, nothing is springing into my mind, but maybe that’s because it’s far too early on a Sunday morning or maybe it’s because I spent the evening in the pub!

We often think that if something is easy it should be achieved without any effort.  My children at school certainly think so; they’ll often say that when I do something in the classroom I make it look easy.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I try to explain that years of practise and experience has made it become easy to me, they just don’t believe me and think that I have some kind of super power that helps me to write neatly or solve complicated calculations.  They seem to think that they should be brilliant at everything the first time they try and often become frustrated and demotivated when they can’t achieve something.

I can understand their frustration; I tried to write this post on my phone as I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and go downstairs to get the laptop.  Unfortunately, my phone didn’t want to play nicely and kept on deleting what I’d typed.   I gave in and came downstairs to get the laptop – probably a good thing, as I found some inspiration for my post as I walked downstairs!  I think my children often do this; they don’t necessarily find the easier way to do something and make things difficult for themselves, they lack the logical thought processes to find the easier way – me, I just lack the inclination to get out of bed on a Sunday morning!

I tend to try to get them to see everything as a challenge and focus on the rewards to their self-esteem if they achieve their challenges.  They begin to see that they feel a far better sense of achievement when they’ve had to try really hard to complete a task rather than to just complete it easily.  It’s something we should all remember when the going gets tough – how am I going to feel if I achieve this?

So even though I began my Sunday morning with a challenge to write this post and even though my phone placed difficulties in my way, I now feel a sense of achievement and pride that I’ve completed another post.


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: Easy

  1. it’s a funny twist… many things come easily now and we forget all that went before to make it so easy… sounds like you remember that; your students are lucky.


  2. As a college-level English teacher, I forget that the writing process isn’t always easy. As such, I try to remind myself by completing the assignments on my own at the same time that my students are working on them. It helps!


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