Five Things Friday – Great packed lunch ideas

My lovely long holidays are drawing to a close and I’ve been thinking about the term ahead.  I’m determined to take lunch more regularly as I was spending a fortune going to the supermarket each lunchtime and buying things I really didn’t want or need.  I’ve been looking around for inspiration for my packed lunch and I’m going to share the five best that I’ve found with you here.  Lots are aimed at children, but they can all be adapted for a slightly larger appetite.

School Lunches

1.  This has to be the best – primarily aimed at parents packing lunches for their kids, but I found it a great source of ideas – ‘School Lunches – The Definitive Guide’

2.  One of my main problems is that I get bored with the same thing over and over and over…. again!  Over at ‘A Hen’s Nest’ they’ve got some great ideas that make each lunch a little bit different.  I’m loving the idea of these pizza sticks!

Turkey ham fruit and vegetable kebabs

3.  Good to Know has a printable menu plan with four weeks worth of recipes for two different age groups.  So many great ideas – I’m definitely going to be pinning this on the fridge for inspiration!

Quinoa Tabbouleh Recipe

4. All Recipes is always good for finding lots of good ideas for any occasion.  They’ve got lots of ideas for the ‘main event’, the main course if you like of the lunchbox.  Their recipe for quinoa tabbouleh is definitely one to try.

5. Change for Life has six weeks worth of ideas for older children and adults.  No complicated recipes here just loads of great ideas for making lunchtimes more interesting!

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