Bank Holiday Boredom Buster!

As it’s a bank holiday weekend and the last week of the summer holiday for children in England and Wales, most children are probably beginning to annoy their parents by now and vice versa! This photo scavenger hunt is one that I used to do with my Explorer Scout unit and will easily fill a couple of hours.

You will need:
A camera/ mobile phone with camera,
A print out of the list of items below (copy and paste it into word, then print it out).

  1. ladybird
  2. tree
  3. blue car, red car, white car (in that order)
  4. PE pump (not a trainer)
  5. flower
  6. world
  7. green light
  8. a decorated Christmas tree
  9. a loudspeaker
  10. a percentage sign
  11. an angel
  12. Santa
  13. Braille
  14. a precious gem
  15. fire
  16. stars
  17. rucksack
  18. a story
  19. a hill
  20. a pirate ship

You can either play this game as a family or if you have older kids who can wonder on their own you could make it into more of a team competition.

Give each team a copy of the list, the aim is to get a photo of each item on the list. Now some of these items are obviously not going to be found in the local area so you have to get a bit creative! You probably think that I’m not going to walk down the street and find a pirate ship, mainly because I live about as far from the sea as physically possible in this country… well that’s where you’d be wrong; there’s a rather lovely pirate ship in our local play park! All it takes is a bit of imagination!

If you play in teams you can award a point for taking a photo of each thing on the list, but you can also award points for more imaginative ideas. You could even add the challenge of a time limit!

Get out there, have some fun!

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