Oh dear, I appear to have discovered a new fabric shop…



Where I live in Derby it’s sometimes difficult to find interesting fabric to create crafts with and be inspired by.  The market is ok, but there’s too many fabrics that are just too much of a synthetic fire hazard for my liking.  There’s a few places where you can buy upholstery weight fabrics and curtaining but craft fabrics are in short supply and I prefer to feel a fabric before I buy it rather than order it on the internet.

My mum discovered this mill shop in the Peak District new Manchester which is a bit of a drive from where we live but since we were out on a meander around interesting places we thought we’d pop in  It’s called Tiviot Prints Mill Shop and it’s a real treasure trove of cheap fabric, think fat quarters, children’s fabrics and PVC.  I managed to come home with a huge pile of inspiring fabrics and I only spent £16.  I’ll be posting the results over the next few weeks – just got to find somewhere to hide it all before my darling husband sees it!



3 thoughts on “Oh dear, I appear to have discovered a new fabric shop…

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