Good Fairy Make-up Bag

One way we spread happiness in our school is our ‘Good Fairy’ scheme.  Each member of staff puts their name in a hat which is then chosen by another member of staff who then becomes their good fairy for the rest of the term.  The idea is that you take extra interest in this member of staff, ask them how their day is going, offer support and give them a treat every so often.  Most of the treats consist of chocolate or toiletries… sometimes the good fairy notices you’re having  really bad week and is more generous and leaves you a bottle of wine!

I normally grab something when I do the weekly food shop as this is the easiest way for me to remember to get something but I was inspired by another member of staff who said that she goes shopping in the holidays and sorts out something for each week in advance.  I wanted to do something more special for my ‘Cinderella’ so I set myself a challenge that once a week I will give her something that is homemade.

I found this tutorial for a make-up bag by Queen of DIY on Craftster and decided this would be a good project to start off with.  Unfortunately I didn’t think I had a zipper foot for my sewing-machine yet so I hand sewed the zip on and once I got started with the hand-sewing (while I was sat watching Hawaii-Five-0, I couldn’t tear myself away it’s so deliciously silly!), I carried on until it was done.  It only took me two hours – yes, I know it would have been far quicker to use the sewing machine…. especially if I’d looked properly in the little bag of tools that came with my sewing machine – I found the zipper foot later in the week when I was making something else!  That will teach me to have a proper look!  I sewed in one of my ‘handcrafted by...’ labels so that she’d know it had been specially made for her.

All that’s left now is to wrap it up, put a good fairy sticker on it and leave it where my Cinderella will find it and decide what to make next!


2 thoughts on “Good Fairy Make-up Bag

  1. I think that is an awesome idea. Seems like it would bring a real sense of “togetherness” to the school staff, which I’m sure radiates out to the students. Darling Daughter is a teacher, I think I’ll suggest this to her. Thanks!


  2. What a cute make-up bag! The colors are simply delightful. I once made myself a small pouch with fabric swatches taken from a home decor shop; like you, I hand-sewed it. Took me long enough that I haven’t made anything since!


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