Day 34: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Oooohhhh, the chance for peace and quiet. I’m seeing a comfy chair with a fleecy blanket hanging over the arm, I like to be cosy when I’m reading and writing. The arms of the chair are wide enough that you can comfortably rest a notebook and pen on one side and a cup of tea on the other. The lighting is good, natural during the day and not too brightly lit in the evening. The room is decorated in soft greens and there’s a snuggly rug on the floor. There’s a bookcase filled with the books I keep meaning to read and my Samsung tablet is loaded with the chick-lit books that I want to read, but are a bit of a guilty pleasure! The space is away from distractions but isn’t completely away from the flow of the house, I hate not knowing what’s going on!

In fact, the chair is very much like the one I’m currently sat in, unfortunately the room hasn’t yet been decorated (we’re living with magnolia until we decided what we want) and it’s not exactly in a quiet corner – nowhere in this house is very quiet!