Wigwams and Hobbit Houses

We’re back!  We had a fab holiday in Scotland.  We tend to pack up the car with our tent and clothes and see where the weather takes us.  We had a vague idea of driving up to Scotland this year and visiting some whiskey distilleries for him and wool and craft workshops for me.  We’re also fans of not booking anywhere and following our noses as something interesting comes along.

We managed to drive around 1230 miles, visit 3 distilleries and stay in 1 hobbit house and 2 wigwams.  We saw some stunning scenery and loved Skye.   Unfortunately there weren’t many craft workshops open; the Scottish holiday season was already coming to an end, their children have already gone back to school and places had already begun to shut up for the off season.   Fortunately this worked in our favour when we needed to book somewhere to stay for the night.  We only ended up camping for one night, but unfortunately this was the night it decided to rain and get really cold, so we were back to a wigwam the following night!

We’re really converted to the idea of staying in wigwams and hobbit houses, they were so warm and really cheap, generally working out at about £30 a night.  We’re now looking for some closer to home so that we can just pop off for the weekend to escape!

Wigwam at Braidhaugh - Wake up with nature on your doorstep