Day 1: Stroke of Midnight

For the past few years either myself,  my husband,  or both of us have been ill at New Year. Last night was no exception with a poorly husband who was asleep on the sofa by 9pm.  No partying for us then!

As a teacher, I think of the 1st September as the beginning of the new year. It’s the time when I meet my new class and colleagues and set targets for the coming year. The January New Year, for me,  is more about the relief that the stressful run up to Christmas is over (my husband works in retail so I don’t really see him in December!) and life can once again settle down to its normal pattern, but I do think about the personal things I’d like to achieve or the hopes I have for my family throughout the year.

As the clock chimed midnight (or rather the noise of fireworks made me think that World War 3 had started), I was sat on the floor of my son’s bedroom trying to calm him after the armageddon outside had woken him and, although it wasn’t the warmest or most comfortable place to be, I was counting my blessings.  I have a wonderful family, a lovely home and a job that I really enjoy.  Life is pretty good and that’s enough for me.

Hope your 2014 brings you health and happiness,  love and laughter.