Day 72: Silver Screen

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

[voiceover as last documentary couple]

Harry Burns: The first time we met, we hated each other.

Sally Albright: No, you didn’t hate me, I hated you. The second time we met, you didn’t even remember me.

Harry Burns: I did too, I remembered you. The third time we met, we became friends.

Sally Albright: We were friends for a long time.

Harry Burns: And then we weren’t.

Sally Albright: And then we fell in love.

[on sofa as last documentary couple]

Sally Albright: Three months later we got married.

Harry Burns: Yeah, it only took three months.

Sally Albright: Twelve years and three months.

I didn’t hate my husband the first time I met him, it was more a case of ‘his friend fancied my friend’ (I was 12 at the time!) so we had been dragged along for moral support.  The second time we met was in a larger group and he became one of my closest friends throughout my teenage years and remained so when I moved away to university.  We had our moments of trouble – normally when I had become involved with someone else but we got through them. Then we fell in love.  Three years later he finally proposed and five months later we were married.  Only took us about 21 years to finally get around to it!