Sunday Scribblings: Treat

Treat says the prompt at Sunday Scribblings.

My idea of a treat has changed in the past few months.  Life has changed hugely in the past few months and will change again in about three months time.  In November I found out I was pregnant, which was incredibly exciting (and just a little bit scary!).   This had a massive impact on the things I did to relax.  As you know, I love to cook, knit and sew.  Due to raging morning sickness the idea of setting foot into the kitchen was enough to turn me a funny shade of green and I couldn’t bear the idea of eating anything so I didn’t really see the point in baking, much to my husband’s annoyance!  My carpal tunnel came back so knitting was completely out of the question for a while and I don’t want to tempt fate for the moment so I’m steering clear of the needles in an attempt to not suffer from it again!  Sewing was out too as my patience levels descended to that of a two year old; everything had to be done yesterday!

Now don’t get me wrong; now I’m past the horrible morning sickness stage  I’m actually enjoying being pregnant.  I’ve just had to find other ways to relax for the time being.  So there’s been lots of ‘fat’ yoga (as my husband christened it), long soaks in the bath and I’ve been reading books that are nothing to do with work for once in my life!

I have found that I’ve been looking after myself a lot more.  I’ve really reduced my hours at work and I’ve discovered the joys of a cat-nap in the afternoon!  This week I also had a gorgeous pre-natal massage at a local salon called Bliss where I walked out feeling like I was floating in the clouds! Definitely going to book another one of those for when I start my maternity leave in June.  I’m now making more time for me as I know there won’t me much of it in the near future!