Blueberry Cupcakes

I’m writing this at 3pm on a school day.  Now that may not seem very momentous to you, but I never sit down to blog at this time, let alone have time to cook, on a work day as I’m normally still there for at least another two hours plus the commute home.  This. Is. Bliss.  An early finish always puts me in a good mood!  I had to go to a meeting at another school and it finished far earlier than I’d anticipated, so I came home to, ahem, work!  Can you tell I’m working really hard!  Planning next week’s lessons can wait, I’ve been cooking!

Something else that has given me an extra dose of happiness is looking at my blog stats – just tipped over the 1000 views mark – woo-woo!  When I started writing this I didn’t think anyone would be looking, but to reach that number in under two months is pretty fantastic!  Thank-you everyone!  Wonder how long it will take to double that?!  Anyway, you visit to find yourself a creative diversion, so I’d better share my latest creation!

Tomorrow evening I have some work colleagues coming over for a girls night in so I decided that we needed lots of treats as it’s been hard work this week any excuse!  Cupcakes are a requirement of any girls night in my book and I’m getting fed up of making chocolate cakes.  Oh, my, goodness!  I can’t believe I just wrote that!  I never thought I’d see the day!  I decided something with fruit in was the order of the day so that we’d feel less guilty!

I’ve been playing around with berry cupcakes for a while now and this little beauty seems to fit the bill, lush exploding blueberries and gorgeous purple icing with flecks of blueberry giving a clue to the flavour.  Yum!

For the cakes – makes 18 large or 30 small cupcakes.:

45g butter

300g white sugar

2 eggs

4ml vanilla extract

220g plain flour

1g baking soda

9g baking powder

0.8g salt

235ml milk

100g blueberries – freeze your blueberries before you start.  This helps them to explode a little less and stops them from sinking to the bottom – don’t know the science, but it definitely seems to help!

Preheat the oven to 175°C/ 350°F.  Line a muffin pan with paper cases.  In a large bowl cream together the butter and sugar until it’s like a breadcrumb texture.  Add the eggs one at a time, beating well with each addition, then stir in the vanilla.  You should have a creamy texture by now.  Sift together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and then gradually add a bit of this mixture and a bit of milk to the creamed mixture until it is all combined.  Beat well.  Add the blueberries and mix gently.  Fill the cases and bake for around 20 minutes until browned and a skewer stuck in the middle comes out clean.  Allow to cool completely.  Or, if you can’t resist, quality control one, I won’t judge you!

For the frosting:

100g cream cheese

100g blueberries (don’t freeze these ones)

sifted icing sugar – as much as you need to get it to the desired consistency; all depends on if you want to pipe or splodge!

Mix all the frosting ingredients together until the form a smooth paste, you will need far more icing sugar than you anticipated because the blueberries have so much water in them!  Excuse me while I go to the supermarket… I use this handheld blender to make the job much quicker and I can tell when the frosting has got to the right consistency by the sound the motor is making.

Now I have to hide them so that my husband won’t eat them when he gets in!