Alphabet Blogging: Q is for a Quite Ridiculous Conversation

I get to listen to some fantastic conversations when my children don’t think I’m listening – take today for example!  We were walking back into the classroom after a lovely playtime in the sunshine when I overheard two of my nine year children talking about the weather.

M: It’s really nice today.

C: I know, I’m really hot from all that running around.

M: Is it winter?

(At this point I’m getting interested and confused all at once; partly due to the blazing sunshine making it fairly clear that there wasn’t a chance that it was winter, but also to find out how C was going to reply!)

C: No, but it will be at the end of the month.

I had to stop at this point and turn around to see if he had a serious look on his face!  Yep, definitely serious looks on their faces, but looks of bemusement from everyone else!

I obviously need to do some work on the seasons with my children!