Day 59: First Light

Remember yesterday, when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post
about it.

“Ugggh, stop that noise. Are you going to go back to sleep? What time is it anyway?” I turn to the clock; 6.17am.

This is the thought I have most mornings. The time varies, but the sentiment is generally the same!

The noise is the little man. If he’s got to the wailing stage it means he’s passed through the chattering to himself stage or has lost his George Pig (the boy’s obsessed by Peppa Pig!). The wailing stage preceeds the full on screaming stage which roughly translates to ‘Mummy, I’ve had enough of my own company, I want to play NOW!”

My thought, as I enjoy my nice warm bed, is ‘how long can I wait before he hits the scream?!’