Weekly Planning in my Bullet Journal

One of the things that I find most useful about the Bullet Journal system is how adaptable it is. During term time I use both weekly and daily layouts to help balance my personal and professional responsibilities. Although I like being inspired by the beautiful inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, this is my current layout of choice.

I refer to my online diary so that I can create this overview of the week. This spread has evolved over the years, it used to have a lot more information on it, but menu plans are here, the grandparents organise school pick-ups (for which I’m eternally grateful) and exercise has fallen off the radar at the moment.

Any task that is specific to a particular day is written below my appointments/ events and then transferred to the daily page. Any task that’s not time specific is then listed at the top on the right-hand page, the idea being that it’ll catch my eye before the end of the week!

In the school holidays this is pretty much the only spread I use, there’s fewer tasks to get done and they’re not so time specific so, as long as they’re written down, they’ll get completed at some point.

Do you use a weekly spread in your Bullet Journal?

Photo credit: <a href=’https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/keyboard-white-flowers-bulldog-paper-clips-pen-and-eyeglasses-on-notebook-over-the-pink-background_2914480.htm’>Designed by Freepik</a>

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