Five Things Friday: Practical Gratitude Ideas

Last week we thought about ways that you could show gratitude towards other people. Today I bring you five ways to get into the habit of noticing the things you’re grateful for each and every day.

1. A Gratitude Jar

Mommypotamus has a tutorial for creating a happiness jar, such a simple way for the whole family to get involved. I used to use a similar idea in my classroom.

2. A Gratitude Journal

At the end of every day I spend 5 minutes writing down the best things from each day and the things I’m grateful for. You can read about how I originally started it here.

3. Meditate

I occasionally use the Smiling Mind App for meditation – they have a ‘Gratitude and Joy’ themed one. Hop here to see what they offer – it’s a freebie!

4. Count Blessings instead of Sheep

Best way to get to sleep – think of all the good stuff in your life!

5. Follow my Instagram prompts!

Each day on my Instagram account I publish a gentle nudge into thinking about gratitude around a particular theme. Hop over and check it out!

How do you show gratitude in your life?

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