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Welcome to the final part of my series on setting yourself goals. You can find the previous posts by clicking through the links:

1. Brainstorming and Prioritising

2. What will Success look like?

3. Steps to success

The four words in the graphic above used to fill me with dread. As a primary school SENCO I had to keep piles of evidence of the above process to gain additional support and funding for the children in my school who had special needs. I completely understood how necessary the process was but it was the reams of paperwork that most upset me!

In the context of personal goal setting it’s not quite as time consuming or onerous. I’ve just begun to review my goals at the end of one month and it took me a couple of moments to read through my goals and see what progress I’d made towards each one. This allowed me to see how well I’m doing and how I might move on with each one during the coming month. I wrote a quick record in the back of my planner alongside my goals display:

I’ll repeat this process at the end of every month, comparing my progress against my main goals and using the small step breakdowns that I created as part of week 3.

Have a look at the goals you set yourself. I know it’s not been long since you wrote them but have you already made some progress towards them? Even if it’s only a tiny step forward, it’s still progress!

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