Setting Goals: What Will Success Look Like?

Welcome back to my goal setting series. This week we are going to think about what success will look like. If you haven’t brainstormed your goals look at this post here.

Look back at the goals you brainstormed last week and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which ideas fill me with excitement and enthusiasm? It stands to reason that the more enthusiastic you are about a goal, the more likely that you will dedicate the time and energy to work towards it.
  • Which ideas fill me with dread? It’s just not going to happen is it.
  • Which ones are on there because I feel they should be, either because it’s what everyone else is working towards or because someone else thinks I should do it. Why – see above!

Choose your top 5 goals using the following criteria:

  • Goals where you can control the outcome.
  • Goals which fill your heart with joy.

Make a list and identify what success will actually look like for each goal. Will there be a physical result or will it be more intrinsic.

For example I have set myself the goal of getting fit this year. Success for me will be both physical – I will be fit enough to run another half marathon – and intrinsic – I will feel pride in my fitness, my mental health will improve and I will earn another medal to add to my collection. I can control whether or not I achieve this goal by getting myself out of my bed and going for my morning run. I know that my mental health as well as my physical health improved when I ran regularly in the past.

Follow this process for each of your five goals. Keep adding successful outcomes for each goal during the week and next week we’ll think about breaking down each goal into manageable steps.

Have a great week!

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