Fitness Recording in my Bullet Journal

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Ever since I started running using the Couch to 5K plan I’ve been steadily building up the miles I run each month.  At the beginning of the year I set myself a target of running a mile for every day of the year, to begin with it didn’t go so well.  I’m a fair weather runner and January in England doesn’t have the nicest weather!  I decided that I had to be more accountable so I set up a collection in my second bullet journal that tracked how many miles I’d run each month and showed how this contributed to the annual total.

This was working for a while but then, after running the Derby 10K to raise money for Bliss, I decided to enter the Derby Half Marathon which required a significant change in my training routine.  I needed to set myself a monthly target in order to get in the miles I needed to so that I’ll be ready by the start of October and able to have the physical and mental fitness to finish the race!

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I decided to use a monthly tracker that I set up at the beginning of the month among my monthly pages.  I track any effort at fitness, e.g. running/ cycling/ yoga.  This has made a massive difference as I like to see the monthly total building up down the right hand side. In August I set myself the challenge of running ‘a marathon in a month’ and by using this, I would see the running miles workling towards this.

I wear a Fitbug Orb each day and record the number of steps, mainly so that I can see if any patterns emerge – Mondays appear to be a lazy day, which I find odd as they’re a day I work in the classroom and I feel like I’m on my feet all day, but the Fitbug says otherwise!  The shaded in box shows the days I reach more that 6000 steps – an arbitrary total that I decided would be an active day!

In September, I’m upping my milage again, I’m aiming for the equivalent of two marathons, as I write this I’ve already done 5 miles and the long run I have planned for Sunday will push me ever closer towards my target.

How do you track fitness in your bullet journal?  Does it spur you on?





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