Tracking Run Distances in my Bullet Journal

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Tracking Run Distances in My Bujo.jpg

At the beginning of the year I read a blog post on From the Desk of Ruby Wren. She challenged herself to run a mile for every day of the year.   I thought this looked like a good challenge, though as the year goes on I’m finding I may have to aim for 366 kilometres rather than miles!

I thought this was a perfect opportunity for a collection in my emerald, dotted, Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal (US, UK).  I decided to create a page to record my overall distance and on each day that I run I add a note to my daily entry.  After every 40 miles covered I reward myself.

tracking run distances.jpg

The colour coding corresponds to the colour I am using for all of my monthly headers (I explain why I do this here).  April’s not looking good at the moment, but I’ve been ill and not really in the mood for going out in the cold for a run.  Derby 10k next weekend, so I need to get some miles in this week!


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