Inspire Me!

Well, that’s a thing of beauty isn’t it?!  Well, no. It isn’t. But it will be soon. Today I was going to be writing a post about menu planning, but I felt a bit of a lack of inspiration as this is the current state of my kitchen. 

When we moved into this house, three years ago, we always knew that we would need to replace the kitchen within a few years. The old kitchen had been installed by cowboy builders and slowly the appliances were dying. The final straw came last March when I was cooking a roast dinner for Mother’s Day and the oven packed up.  

What with having to wait for the kitchen to be made and then having to wait for builders to be ready, I’ve waited for over a year for my lovely new kitchen. 

I feel a strange sense of responsibility about what I should cook in my new space. Should I cook a tried and tested recipe so that I can gauge the new ovens or shall I try something more fancy?  

It’s over to you – what do you think I should cook as my first dish?  


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