Permanent Collections Bullet Journal

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Permanent Collections Bullet Journal.jpg

Today I’m sharing the beginnings of my permanent collections Bullet Journal.  I created this journal in an attempt to stop me going through my day-to-day journals so quickly and to lessen the amount of migration I need to do at the beginning of each new journal.

I realised that certain collections were only being referred to at certain times.  These collections were  generally things that I needed to refer to when I was at home.  I decided to monitor how often I was referring to a collection by putting a tally mark at the top of the page.  I did this in green ink if I was away from the home and black ink if I was at home.  This allowed me to track the frequency that a collection was referred to – so ranking it in importance to me – and where I referred to it – allowing me to decide whether it actually needed to be in the pink , lined A5 Daycraft bullet journal (US, UK) I carry around with me.  I then recorded the results on my index page so that, when it was time to migrate into my new bullet journal, I could see what needed migrating into my new journal.

Index to decide permanent collections.jpg

This created a list of collections that I wanted to migrate into my permanent collections journal along with some ideas that I’d had for long-term collections.

I try to buy all the birthday cards and presents that I’m going to send at the beginning of each month so I created my ‘birthdays and anniversaries’ spread to refer to at that time.

Permanent Collections Birthdays.jpg

The ‘annual tasks’ spread shows the beginnings of the list of tasks that we need to complete on an annual basis around the house. This was a new collection created to help me manage when tasks need doing around the home.  I’m adding to to it as the year goes on.  I’m going to add the big house maintenance tasks to this list when we decide how often we need to do them.

Permanent Collections Annual Tasks.jpg

The ‘household organisation’ spread comes from a list that I’ve been using for the last 14 months to keep us relatively organised around the house.  You can see the orignal post here.

Permanent Collections Household Organisation.jpg

At the weekends we like to go out as a family and we’re often stuck for ideas so I’ve started to list local attractions where we can go ‘to eat’, ‘to explore’ or ‘with the kids’.  Hopefully this will stop the conversation starter of ‘You know we said we’d go somewhere. Where was it?!’

Permanent Collections Places to Visit.jpg

Menu planning is the bane of my life.  Trying to find things that my eldest toddler will eat (the youngest would eat me if I stood still for long enough!) and are interesting enough for my husband and myself is a challenge!  I’ve had a page with ideas in my first bullet journal but I didn’t like how I’d organised it, so I’m playing about with ideas for organising this spread.  I must get on with it now though as I’ve just moved into my new emerald, dotted Leuchtturm (US, UK) at the start of March.

Permanent Collections Meal Ideas.jpg

Would a permanent collections bullet journal work for you, or do you prefer to have everything in one journal?



6 thoughts on “Permanent Collections Bullet Journal

  1. Great minds think alike! I’ve been setting up my 2016 notebook in my traveler’s notebook that houses my collections I need to refer to throughout the whole year. I have similar ones to you (I’m so glad I’m not the only one who struggles to create a meal plan that keeps everyone happy!), but I also have collections for books I want to read, what I’m currently reading and the 52 week savings challenge in there as well.

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