Five Things Friday: Healthy Snacks

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Mummy, I want a ‘nack’ (The toddler still can’t put a ‘s’ at the beginning of a word!).  For a long time I had relied on the convenience of a pre-packed bag of someting.  That was until I read the sugar and/or fat content of those little delights and I’m now making a real effort to give him something more wholesome.

Here’s some inspiration for healthy snacks for your nearest and dearest.

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Oven baked vegetable egg patties, Great baby, toddler & family meal. [12 m+] I'd serve this because there's salt in the recipe. Perfect for BLW – self feeding meals and finger food as its crisp on the surface and soft inside. Great on the go. My son loves these and it doesn't get easier than this. Ingredients: 🔸1 handful of fresh parsley 🔸1 carrot 🔸4 eggs 🔸1/4 zuchinni 🔸1 tsp of curry and 1 tsp of salt (add more and different seasoning if you desire) 🔸3 tbsp spelt flour (or any other) All organic You can also add meat to this recipe and more veggies. Method: 1. Wash the produce then chop the parsley fine and grate the rest. 2. Mix everything. 3. On a baking sheet pour one big tbsp of the mixture for each piece, then place it in a preheated oven 190C until it becomes firm, flip every single one of them half way through and give it a little more till it turns golden brown on the edges and a little in the middle. You can also fry them with a little oil on a pan (tastes better) but it's healthier to bake 🙈 . If it was for me I would've fried them. Plate from @oogaababy one of our favourite brands. They are non-toxic and super practical while still being fun. Omit the salt and this would be suitable from 8 months if your baby doesn't have egg allergies and eats finger food. Of course just cut it into smaller pieces. – ❄️Freezable yay Follow my snap: Babyfoodunivers

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  1. @babyfooduniverse has loads of great ideas to get vegetables into your small people without them realising!

2. @shelbystra shares these protein balls.

3. @imperfectparents has lots of great ideas.  My little ones would love these frozen yogurt cups in the summer!

4.  Muffins are always a hit and you can pack them full of healthy bits and bobs.  These Butternut squash oat muffins are shared by @mintedbliss.

5. @creativefunfood shares lots of great ideas.  Why is that children will eat fruit if it’s cut up and made into a cute animal but show them an apple and they run a mile?!

I  hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration I’ve shared this month for getting something healthy into youre children!  Next month Five Things Friday will concentrate on Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Adults. Hope you’ll join me!


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