Five Things Friday: Family Command Centres

FTF Command Centres pub.jpg

‘Where’s the newsletter from Pre-School?’

‘Where’s the electricity bill?’

‘What did you do with my ticket for the football?’

These have all been uttered (shouted in exasperation) in the last week.  I’m quite good at looking after pieces of paper at work, but at home I’m terrible at it.  Once our kitchen renovations are done, I’m definitely creating one of these family command centres so that I can keep better track of everything.  When you look for inspiration on the internet, there are some amazing examples of ‘all-singing, all-danicing’ command centres.  These are a bit more achieveable.   Feast your eyes on this inspiring collection!

1. My Life’s A Treasure shares this simple worktop based command centre.

Refrigerator Command Center

2. DecoArt Blog uses items that you’d probably already have around the home to create a command centre on the side of her fridge.

Organized drop space

3. Just a Girl Blog has this command centre that’s hidden away in a kitchen cabinet.

4. Although this command centre from Overwhelmed to Organized looks complicated to achieve, it’s actually quite simple and she’s written a great guide of how she achieved it on her blog.

Recollections Calendar Kit at Michaels

5. This calendar from Mom4Real would be easy to create from a pre-printed calendar that you carefully took apart and placed in a binder.  You’d then be able to store letters/ documents inside the folder in the correct month.



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