#planwithmechallenge November 2015

I decided that participating in a challenge would help me to embed the habit of checking Instagram each day and help me to discover the features of the app.  Turns out it’s really easy to use and I didn’t really need any encouragement to check it once (or twice, or ten times…) a day.

Planwithmechallenge Nov 2015.jpg


I wrote the list in my bullet journal and put a task box beside each challenge – I love a big long row of checked boxes!

Participating in the challenge has been so useful – it’s given me so many (too many?) ideas to try out in my bullet journal and it’s really made me think about what I need and what will be useful to me.

It’s also allowed me to think about what I want from my bullet journal in the future.

My top 10 inspirations (in no particular order!):

@boho.berry Every layout is a work of art!

@tinyrayofsunshine Her blog shares some great ideas.

@prettyprintsandpaper Beautiful hand lettering.

@passionthemedlife Inspirational doodles.

@weekendwife  Lots of practical ideas.

@thecursivebird Interesting layout ideas.

@howpeculeah  Uses washi as I do (in my dreasm!)

@journalingsage Daily prompts which I’ve used for thinking time, but I’d like to move on to actually writing them in my journal in the new year.

@scrubs_n_coffee  More great ideas for your planner.

@faded_edges_ More beautiful hand lettering.

Plan with me Dec list.jpg

I’ve just written the prompts for the December #planwithmechallenge which I intend to join when the new month begins.  Why don’t you join us too?!



2 thoughts on “#planwithmechallenge November 2015

  1. Hi Claire! So great to hear that the challenge has been helping you to think about what you need and what is useful to you 🙂 So awesome when that happens. Thanks for the lovely mention! Looking forward to seeing your shares this month 🙂


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