Venturing into the world of Instagram


Venturing into the world of Instagram.jpg

Although I’m a slightly addicted user of Facebook and a sometime user of Twitter, I’d never really ventured into the world of Instagram.  Some of my friends would use it to post photosto Facebook and my husband put one picture on it when our eldest was born (it’s still my favourite baby photo of him!), but I’d never really felt the need.

That was until I read about the November #planwithmechallenge hosted by @prettyprintsandpaper and @tinyrayofsunshine .  As I wrote last week, I thought it would be an opportunity to see how others used their planners and gain some ideas to use in my own, so I joined Instagram as instructed, and waited for the month to commence.

Well, I became completely addicted.   Who knew that it was possible to set out your bullet journal in so many different ways.  There are purely functional set-ups and some so artistic that I wouldn’t have a hope of coming close with my poor artistic skills.  Whilst I favour a more functional layout due to my mathematics/ logic/ neat presentation obsession, I really don’t have the time (or skills) to get all artistic and (I’m going to whisper this), despite a brief flirtation with washi tape I really can’t stand the stuff!   I can never get it to lay straight and I always end up with it tangled around my fingers!

If I thought that I had an uncontrolable addiction to Pinterest (follow me here), it’s nothing compared to the amount of time I spend looking at Instagram.

It’s been a real help.  It’s made me become far more reflective about what I use my planner for (work and home in equal measure), how much information I need to record on a daily basis so that it doesn’t fall out of my head (loads, after having two children, I can’t remember a thing!) and how I can become far more productive just by writing a task down.

I’ll be sharing some of my favourite posts from the #planwithmechallenge next week, but if you want a sneaky peak at my photos, head over to my Instagram account now.



4 thoughts on “Venturing into the world of Instagram

  1. Totally going to follow you! – On both Pinterest and Instagram. I just started getting into my Bullet Journal and stuff through those two platforms and I think they really provide sorts of inspiration. The #planwithmechallenge started out good too although some things were a bit difficult because I’m Canadian but still, getting into those types of hashtag challenges really keeps me going with my journal as well 🙂
    Happy journaling and good luck on Instagram! ;D


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