Five Things Friday: Spring Cleaning

Now that you’ve followed my advice from a couple of weeks ago about decluttering, here and here, you’ll have a more spacious house but you’ll start to notice it needs a really good spring clean! Here’s some inspiration to help you to get your house sparkling,

1. Little Ms Robinson shares the ultimate guide to spring cleaning.  I’m a little scared just looking at it!

2. If attacking it all at once seems a little bit like too much hard work, why not try this 30 day cleaning challenge from Popsugar

.  Spring Cleaning List - The 10 Neglected Areas: A list of 10 spots that are often missed during spring cleaning and tips for cleaning these overlooked areas.

3. Premeditated Leftovers warns us of 10 areas that are often neglected during a spring clean.

4. Buzzfeed has links to 87 ways of cleaning different items.  I’m not entirely sure about tip 77.  I’m slightly concerned for the cat!

Deep Cleaning Monthly Schedule - Filled in

5. Once you’ve got it all clean, you need to maintain it, Tried and True has a 12 month cleaning schedule that you could adapt for your home.


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