Five Things Friday: Let’s Get Organised 2 – Sorting out the kitchen

Every so often I have a massive clear out of the cupboards in my kitchen as they get in a complete state – I blame little B who is very keen to put the shopping away with me (something I know I should encourage) but he tends to shove everything in the front of the cupboards and doesn’t really care if it’s where it belongs!  Hopefully the nesting instinct will kick in soon and I’ll try some of these ideas to keep us organised and have a chance of finding things when I open the cupboard doors!

1. Ahhhhh, a proper pantry – I can only dream!  I’d love to have the space for this in my kitchen, but unfortunately…  Shanty 2 Chic has these chalkboard labels to get you organised.

Old magazine rack

2.  I found this simple idea on Pinterest for using a magazine rack for storing cling film and foil boxes.  (Please let me know if you have the original link so that I can credit you)


3. I have a considerable supply of cupcake wrappers; they’re all in separate containers and little B does love to ‘reorganise’ them for me.  This idea from Best Friends for Frosting would keep him away from them!

4. A Whimsical Romance shares this vintage postcard – I’d love it if my cupboards had this in it!

5. Mod-home shares this idea for storing your baking trays and dishes.  I definitely need this, I’m so fed up of taking everything out of the pan drawers when I need a baking tray.



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