Day 88: Unplanned Days Out


There is nothing better than an unplanned day out. No expectations, no plans, no worries.

Today I’ve spent the day in the sunshine at Crich Tramway Village in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District with an old friend and her daughter. We buy a ticket for £13 each and it allows us to visit all year. Since I’d bought my ticket in October, it was free fun, even better!

After an unexpected text message to see if we were busy this morning, we rode on the trams, walked along the woodland trail, had a picnic lunch, played in the park and looked around the exhibitions.

The highlight of the afternoon for little B was that he got an ice cream! I can’t quite believe how far he walked. It’s the first time I’ve not taken the buggy or baby backpack carrier on a day out and I had been a bit worried that I’d end up carrying him everywhere. The ice cream was his reward! Hopefully he’ll sleep well tonight.

Definitely better than my loose plans to go food shopping and pay a cheque in at the bsnk. They could wait, there was fun to be had!


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