Day 51: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Oooh, a house.  We’ve always dreamed of building our own home.  We’re avid watchers of Grand Designs and Renovation Man and would love to build/renovate a project that suits us just so.  When we were in the process of looking for our current home we looked at a few plots of land but, in the area where we wanted to live, they were either tiny, the access was terrible, or they were just a little bit too far away from civilisation for my liking.

We’ve thought about the necessities – a crafting room for me, a music room/ recording studio for the other half, a playroom for little B and a massive kitchen to store my ever growing collection of kitchen paraphernalia!  I have dreams of creating a completely homemade home with the interior soft furnishings completed by my own fair hand.  I love the idea of a blank canvas on which to make our mark.

The house we ended up buying has pretty much got the room layout we would have created ourselves, especially upstairs.  Downstairs I would rather have a kitchen/diner than a lounge/diner, but that was the compromise I made.

Don’t think a self-build will ever happen now though – I’ve sworn that we’re NEVER MOVING AGAIN!  I never want to see another packing box in my life, once I’ve unpacked the current ones – how long is it since we moved in?!


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