Day 36: Call Me, Maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone.  Is it your life-line, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

Depends on who’s on the other end of it!

I’m pretty much surgically attached to mine when I’m not at work; it’s normally in my back pocket and I regularly check different social media sites and the BBC news website. It has changed slightly in the last few months since I got my tablet as I’m now more likely to use that in the evenings as the screen is larger and easier to read. I rarely use my phone to actually make calls, mainly because the 4G signal at home is pretty much nonexistent!

At work it’s a different story. My phone gets shoved in my bag as I arrive at work and I rarely look at it again until the end of the day, especially on days when I’m in the classroom.

My phone is always set to vibrate and has been ever since little B was born. I used to silence it so that no one would wake him up from a nap and I grew to enjoy the peace. I can choose if I want to acknowledge a contact or if I want to continue whatever I was doing undisturbed.


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