Red Velvet Cupcakes for a family celebration

Red Velvet Cupcakes

The 10th June is an important day for my husband’s side of the family; it’s my sister in law’s birthday, it’s the day Billy was released from hospital when he was born prematurely and it’s the anniversary of the death of a much loved Nana.  These facts call for cake!

This year we gathered together to enjoy the sunshine and a barbeque and I took these cakes along for pudding.  I used a recipe from the BBC website, it was a slightly unusual recipe in that it uses yogurt which makes it really moist.  I’m afraid to say there was more cheating going on and I resorted to ready made icing (thank-you Betty Crocker!), I’m refusing to feel guilty about cheating – too much work to do at the weekends which just gets in the way of everything.  I may have felt slightly guilty when everyone was saying how nice they were, especially the icing 😉


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