Sunday Scribblings: Between You and Me

Between You and Me says the prompt at Sunday Scribblings.


I’m a very nosy person and I love to find out about other people!  I saw this picture on Pinterest an thought I’d use it as my inspiration this week.

1. I’m listening and half watching Strictly Come Dancing that I recorded last night while I put Baby B to bed.

2.  I was eating a mini Mars bar as a mid afternoon treat.

3. I’ve just had a cup of decaff coffee.  It has to be decaff or I’d be bouncing off the walls in a couple of hours time!

4.  I’m wearing jeans, a bright red long sleeved top and a black fleece which definitely has some dribble on it (thanks Baby B) and probably a bit of baby sick on the shoulder – it’s alright, I have no plans to leave the house today so there’s no reason to get changed and make washing for myself!

5. I’m feeling a bit tired. Two weeks of Baby B suffering from chicken pox and, as a result, a severe lack of sleep have taken it out of me.

6.  The weather is cloudy and absolutely freezing, hence me staying in the house all day!

7.  I’m wanting the solicitors to stop arguing and get on with the paperwork so that we can move house sometime this century!

8.  I’m needing another drink but, with Baby B fast asleep on my lap and my husband up in the loft packing boxes, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

9.  I’m thinking about all the different projects I’ve got planned for the new house.

10.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet!

Between You and Me, what would your answers be?


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