Five Things Friday: Interesting Babygro Ideas

I’ve become slightly obsessed by babygro (onesie) designs.  Baby B seemed to live in plan blue or white babygros for the first two months of his life; he was so tiny when he was born that there wasn’t a lot of choice!  Here’s my favourite ideas for making a humble white babygro a bit more interesting!

1. I love this idea for a monthly babygro from Tip Junkie.  You could take a photo in the correct babygro each month to create a lovely record of the first year.

2.  Baby B will attend his first wedding today and I think this babygro with a tie from The Cottage Home would be perfect for the occasion.

3.  Work out the year they’ll leave school (or don’t – it might scare you!) with this idea from La Force Be With You.

4. People keep on asking me how old Baby B is; with this idea from Host-it Notes they’d never have to ask!

Star Wars Baby Costume - R2D2 Baby Clothes

5. The Wishing Elephant has these R2D2 babygros for sale on Etsy, but it’s inspired me to get creative!


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