Five Things Friday: Car crafts

I like to have homemade things around me even when I’m out and about.  Here’s a selection of items you could make for use in the car:


1.  The Mayfly has this car seat organiser – useful for all those little odds and ends which always end up on the floor of the car!

Carseat Blanket 044 Edit

2.  Momma of five has this tutorial for a car seat cover made from a baby blanket – I love the fabric!

3.  My rubbish collector is still going strong in my car over a year after I made it!  My car’s a lot tidier too! 🙂

4.  Craftiness Is Not An Option has these seatbelt covers.

Steering wheel cover

5.  Abernathy Crafts has this steering wheel cover.  I think I’d be a bit nervous about driving with it on as I’d be worried it would slip, but it would be useful to put it on when you have to leave the car in the sunshine so that you could remove it when you returned so that you don’t burn your hands on the steering wheel!


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