Sunday Scribbling: Life is Good

Life is Good says the prompt at Sunday Scribbings.

At the moment life is so busy and we’ve had a family bereavement…. so it all seems stressful as I try to get all my work done and try to keep my mind busy.  I’ve not been blogging much as I’ve been working crazy hours.

But life is good, I”m looking forward to a weekend with my family next weekend to celebrate my baby sister’s 30th birthday, which makes me feel so old!  But it will be a lovely relaxing weekend away from it all. I’m really looking forward to see my nephew who’ll celebrate his 2nd birthday next week, he’s starting to chatter and is like a little whirlwind, his enthusiasm for everything is infectious!

We’re going to spend some time looking at all the old family photos that we’ve been scanning in. I love looking at old photos and remembering the good times.  The photo above (I’m on the left) is one of my favourites and, although it was taken about 28 years ago, I remember the event and eating lots of candy-floss!  We were very proud of those hats, although my middle sister doesn’t look entirely sure about it!

What childhood memory makes you smile?


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribbling: Life is Good

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss; I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

    I do love that photograph you posted, I went through some albums a few weeks ago and it was lots of fun. Old family photographs are always so charming 🙂

    Probably a memory that would be a good candidate would be my mom and my sister and I making chocolates for friends and family for the holidays. My sister and I would “help” by cleaning the bowls and spoons afterward, and we always end up with chocolate all over ourselves!


  2. What a sweet and charming reflection.
    I especially remember moments with my mother while my older sister was school age and I was still at home soaking up all of mom’s attention. Almost thirty years ago, in a country that feels like a dream now.
    Lovely post. Thank you for sharing it.


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